Who would ever think that drones will be in the hands of the general population? Ten years back, it was only a dream and meant for top-end businesses, with lots of capital, that will use this technology. Today, you, as a normal citizen, can buy one for your pleasure or for your business. Even farmers love this technology and will have immediate and real-time data on what is happening on the farm. On a lighter note, they can farm from their stoep!

Drones are one example of what new technology can bring, as the new technology has turned the workplace upside down. With the COVID-19 virus, the workplace had to adapt at an overwhelming speed. The isolation caused by virus protection forced employees to be at home, and it forced employers to decide who can work from home and who not. The demand for IT tracking systems sky-rocked because employers need to track and control the activities of employees. 

Employers try to find applications that can help them manage their remote workers effectively. It is just fair that the employees render the services related to the payment of their salaries. A startup company cannot afford wasteful labor expenditure, with no return on investment. The application must have tracking features, but also the ability to handle HR office admin remotely, either from a laptop or a mobile phone. It is a preference to work from a mobile phone since it is small and easy to manage in relation to a laptop. Employers can provide mobile phones to the employees under a company mobile phone contract, and it can be an added benefit to the remuneration package of the employee.

The biggest issue is to get applications that can work from a mobile phone or iPhone. Using a mobile phone application will be the most cost-effective since these phones will work on the mobile phone signals at a minimal cost. 

If an employee wants to complete, for example, a leave form, the system should give them the ability to complete it remotely, from his mobile phone, submit it and be able to get information regarding the progress of the approval process. 

The key elements of an employee management system:

  • Timesheet completion, submitting, approval and record keeping.
  • Tasking and task management.
  • Productivity evaluation.
  • Location tracking.
  • Alerts and company communication.
  • Stealth Mode.

All these elements are normally in various separate systems, per key point, but Global Village Worker has a system that incorporates all the elements in a single system. They have the COGS system (Central Operational Guidance System) which can be implemented on both laptops and on mobile systems like on any type of mobile phone. Workers that work remotely will have all the HR systems that they need on their phones and without the necessity of visiting the office.

The Cogs system is a fully integrated system with its own individual application for each employee, carrying the specific employee’s HR information. The employee is always on and in touch with the company and management. It is an Internal Operations Management Software System. 

 Cogs include:

  • Human Resources (HR) and,
  • Industrial Relations (IR) management solutions. 

The Cogs system is:

  • Paperless,
  • Secure,
  • Centralized and with,
  • Organized documentation,
  • Streamlined process,
  • Up-to-date reporting and,
  • Analytics.

Benefits of this system. 

The employee perception around systems like the Cogs system is, in most cases, negative. This negativity originates from the tracking feature embedded in the system. It exposes the employee in terms of his movement and work hours. The lazy ones are exposed, but the performers are also “exposed”. 

Management can identify high-performing employees who feel undervalued and act before burnout sets in, or find underperforming individuals and explore ways to help them improve. The reporting system gives you the talent management data you need to make the right call for your people. This digital system will allow you to streamline your hiring, firing, and employee management.

The forming of a negative perception must stop in its tracks from the moment of implementation of the system. The role of change agents and change managers is important because they must prevent tracking turns into a negative feature. 

The geolocation feature records the location of each “clock in” and “clock out” and insecurity and transport companies. This feature is of utmost importance. These two types of companies must ensure the safety of their employees and this system is the answer.

The system will provide real data that can serve as evidence in disciplinaries and in Labor Courts. The system has a complete set of reports that can assist managers in determining which employees need guidance, coaching, mentoring, and training to complete their tasks on the required standards. If these actions provide no solutions for non-performance, then the same reports can be utilized in a disciplinary hearing.

The reports generated by the system will benefit both the employee and the employer. These reports are official documents and will be accepted in a court of law if necessary.

The reports can also be used in performance sessions with the employee and a fair rating will result.

Why not visit our website at www.globalvillageworker.com for more information and enquiries about how we can assist your SME or business? We have the perfect solution to assist you with managing your remote workers.