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COGS is an integrated system, comprising functionality for the employer and for the employee. This is a tracking system but also a record-keeping system that will assist the employer in making business decisions based on the accurate data, of which this data will be in real-time updated and available.

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Web Features Report Generation

All users of the system can generate reports from their own portal and will be able to have the latest information on the following reports:


Leave Reports

This report will give info on days available for leave, days taken, and it will be applicable to vacation leave, sick leave, special leave, and unpaid leave.  


Communication reports.

    This report will give the date and time the communication took place, receipt, open and read reports will be included. 


    Group attendance registers.

      Informs Management about daily, weekly, periodical attendance, which is populated by means of Employee engagement from the mobile App and/or Supervisory Rollcall functions.


      Incident reports

        The system will keep records of all incidents per resource and will provide incidents in the report from the requested date till current. These reports are important especially in the IR field. These reports will be a management tool to take action based on the incident. If the incident is related to factors outside employee actions, corrective measures can immediately be implemented to prevent such problems in the future.


        Checkpoint reports

        This report will give information if the employee has checked in at a certain place or time.


        Checkpoint Individual attendance reports

        This report is a handy tool for management to determine if employees are attending their scheduled meetings etc. 


        User activity reports

        Informs the MAIN User of Each User’s activities on the system, i.e. viewing profiles, issuing documents etc.


        Disciplinary Reports

        Disciplinary reports are important for IR actions and for corrective actions.


        Document – Pending Signature Reports

        All business managers need to strive for an effective HR process and it is important to see the turnaround time on approvals.


        Phone App Features

        The users of the system can make calls through the system. This will give access to communication, if needed, from any location.

        Employee/ Contractor / Freelancer Portal

        There is a separate portal for many employees to capture their personal data, work activities, all HR related information and actions like applying for leave, accessing the company’s communication that was posted for them as employees.

        • The user can scroll between different tasks and responsibilities allocated to the staff member, contractor, or freelancer.
        • View all personal information.
        • View all employment information.
        • Messages receive and respond via the Internal Messaging System (IMS).
        • Apply for leave and get approval instantly.
        • 24/7 access to relevant company rules, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), policies, etc.
        • Get and execute signature requests.
        • Reliable Reporting: (ON/OFF duty, incidents, checkpoints, etc.).

        Employer Portal Features

        This portal gives access to the employer and to all data of each employee. The system is an empowerment tool to management and to have in time actions around employees in the operational field.

        • Access and view all staff / contractors / freelancers’ profiles and information allocated to a manager.
        • Perform reference searches.
        • Traceable communication with staff / contractors / freelancers.
        • Get and respond to leave applications.
        • Receive pending signature requests.
        • Mark location for reporting.
        • 24/7 access to relevant company rules, SOPs, policies, etc.

        Document Signing Capabilities (Phone App)

        Both the employer and the employee have signing capabilities on the system. Settings on the system can give access to signatures rights, depending on the role of the person. A manager will sign leave for example, but the employee can sign for documents but cannot approve leave. Signing will be:

        • After generating a document, select signature requests.
        • Staff member / contractor / freelancer receives and views Pdf document on Phone.
        • Staff member / contractor / freelancer signs, e.g. warning on phone.
        • The signed documents are stored under Partner Profile.

        System Specifications

        The employee and the employer can download the system on a mobile phone, laptop or a tablet. The system will run from the cloud and need little space for the hardware that will be used. In the phone’s case, it must be at least a smartphone.  

        Services: System Support:

        Technical Support 

        Technical support will be available and the user can access this service through a phone call to GVW.


        The employee and employer will receive a comprehensive training manual to give them guidance on the system functions and how to access all the functions or menu items.

        Customer Support  

        There will be a call centre number to phone to get help with all aspects of the system.