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The very essence of being able to have multiple and diverse communication channels between an organisation and its employees creates a magnitude of problems for data gathering. With the advent of the mobile phone the ability to use social media platforms, WhatsApp, Signal, Skype and email, makes record-keeping a nightmare for any organisation. With the Cogs operational management system there is no doubt that by using a single communication process that records the management and employee conversations quickly and easily, a paperless flow and verification process comes into play.

One of the main advantages of the Cogs system is that the employee has a Cogs App on his mobile phone which seamlessly communicates back to the Cogs system, as well as maintaining an employer record of all communications with the employee. The employer now does not need to go and hunt down text messages, emails, WhatsApp or Signal communications to have a complete file of the interaction that took place. This is a great advantage.

Further to enhance their human resources element from the operational management system, the employer can request a signature from the employee on any system generated document.

It means therefore Cogs can be used effectively to track human resources communication and furthermore, the employee can request leave or days or through a similar reverse signatory process. The fact that these communications are all recorded on the employee, employer record effectively eliminates paper from the transaction and keeps exceptionally good records for everybody to reference.