Cogs Organises a Clear Path to Profits

The Cogs system offers company management the opportunity to take operational resource management to the implementational level.

Companies often make the mistake to think that accounting is the pinnacle of their management system. Accounting is basically a record-keeping mechanism used by management as a tool to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of operational management.

Cogs is a simple and easy tool with very powerful operational management (operational governance system) facilities that easily reaches the extreme limits of a company’s employee mechanism.

The fact that the employee at every level within an organisation has within his grasp direct access to action a request for absence or query with management enhances an employees worth and security.

The employee can review his individual record and management have a unique communication line and complete record of all documentation, disciplinary, recommendation or reward system. This makes Cogs a highly effective operational management system suited for the new technological world we live in today.