Benefits and Advantages of Operational Governance System Cogs

The advantages of using COGS will empower you to manage in a more effective way, since the right data is immediately at hand, which will promote the best business practices.

The system is cloud-based and accessible by employees and employers via desktops, tablets and apps. Apps are available for iPhone and Android.

All staff has a completely interactive and live record of their instructions and inquiries in one place on the COGS app. Direct messaging from the admin line management. Live interactive notice board functions at all levels of management.


The system is cloud-based and ensures instant, controlled accessibility to all role players in your organisation.

Cloud-based System

Access data from anywhere / anytime

Secure, centralized and standardized documentation with a streamlined process


Phone Icon

Mobile App

Web interface supported by android and IOS phone apps to place the system in people’s pockets

Report Generation

Report generation to assist strategic management decisions

Some advantages are:

  • Restructure manual HR paper-based system to a digital cloud-based system.
  • Promote working / accessing of information from anywhere – anytime.
  • Promote a paperless, electronic signing environment.
  • Effective traceable communication with all required role players.
  • Real-time monitoring of activities/movement of an organisation’s staff/contractors/freelancers.
  • Real-time report generation to assist strategic management decisions.
  • Promote more effective interaction between management and staff, even remotely.
  • Includes Human Resources (HR), Industrial Relations (IR) and Operational management solutions.
  • The geolocation feature records the location of each “clock in” and “clock out” – enabling accurate and reliable time and attendance information.
  • It brings you paperless, secure, centralized and standardized documentation with a streamlined process, up-to-date reporting and analytics.
  • Identify high-performing employees who feel undervalued and act before burnout sets in.
  • Find underperforming individuals and explore ways to help them improve.
  • The reporting system gives you the talent management data you need to make the right management decision for each employee and for all the employees as a group.
  • Setup any regularly used documents in your company (Contracts, Induction Packs, Acknowledgements, etc.) and have such signed electronically.
  • This digital system will allow you to streamline your hiring, firing, and employee management.
  • Ensures compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Keep track of all training – past, present and future.
  • Manage company property issued to relevant role players.
  • Highly adaptable – can enhance or replace any current system/s used in companies.
  • Empower Employees and role players, through the user-friendly self-help phone apps, to become actively involved in HR/IR/Operational processes 24/7 (i.e. to have access to personal documentation and
    info, apply for leave, report ON and OFF Duty, report incidents, report progress, sign document electronically, receive payslips electronically, traceable communication with management etc.).
  • Get early notification of any relevant workplace-related expiration dates, i.e. training, medical fitness, certificates, passports, work permits, probation periods, temporary contracts, birthdays,
    replacement of company property, etc.
  • Publish notices, rules, regulations, policies and procedures on the system to be accessed by all role players 24/7.
  • Generate real-time reports of workplace-related activities, i.e. general info reports, attendance reports, disciplinary reports, terminations reports, leave reports, progress reports, communication reports, document reports, etc.

There are many clients that are already using this system to enhance their operational and human resource governance processes. COGS is a true money saver as its (it’s) paperless, a simple and effective record-keeping system loved by all the staff that use it.

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